Lavanya Jewellery

Our Creative Vision

In their pursuit to offer exceptional Indian handmade jewelry, Moumita, and Debopriya discovered a void in the market. The existing options either bore exorbitant price tags or lacked the authenticity of Indian craftsmanship. Fueled by this realization, they embarked on a transformative journey to fill this void. Lavanya was born from their collective passion and devotion, representing a homegrown initiative crafted by women for women. The core ethos of Lavanya lies in its meticulously curated collection of hand-crafted jewelry, seamlessly blending the time-honored allure of traditional Indian designs with a modern flair. Every Lavanya piece is a testament to their commitment to superior craftsmanship, utilizing premium materials and infusing each creation with an understated elegance that ensures you stand out effortlessly in any ensemble. From Moumita's artistic roots to Debopriya's strategic acumen, Lavanya celebrates creativity, dedication, and a shared aspiration to redefine the jewelry landscape. As the Lavanya journey unfolds, it invites you to adorn yourself not just with jewelry but with stories of empowerment, artistic finesse, and a deep-seated love for all things genuinely Indian.

We Know Jewellery – & We Know Our Customers

Moumita, a distinguished classical dancer with a master's degree in economics, carries a deep-rooted cultural heritage. Her affinity for artistic expression led her to venture into artificial jewelry making, initially as a pastime. Moumita's distinctive philosophy of crafting each piece as a unique work of art quickly garnered a dedicated following. Buoyed by the overwhelming response, she took the plunge into entrepreneurship, pioneering a range of handcrafted jewelry. This endeavor was mainly aimed at homemakers seeking timeless elegance and traditional designs. Recognizing the potential, Debopriya, driven by the same spirit, joined her mother to elevate their shared vision.



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